How 3D Printing Can Improve Your Thanksgiving Holiday

>>How 3D Printing Can Improve Your Thanksgiving Holiday

How 3D Printing Can Improve Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Here a few ideas from and to help shake up the holidays and maybe even solve a few common Thanksgiving conundrums.

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition

Not every American family lounges around Thanksgiving day watching football between naps. For those that like to do things a little differently, a 3D printed animal themed chess set offers an irresistible way to stimulate the mind while the stomach handles dinner. It also provides an acceptable way to help you avoid talking to distant relatives about politics and religion.

Save the cat from a gang of rowdy toddlers

Fluffy’s going to snap and do something you’ll regret if your sister’s twins corner her again this year at Thanksgiving. 3D printed cat armor may help. Created with menacing black filament, this spiked coat of protection offers an extra layer of confidence for your innocent feline friend. The chest plate features the vague outline of a skull, offering a solid “stay away” message that may not mean much to a pair of toddlers, but will register loud and clear with their parents.

To print armor for a kitty who prefers a color that coordinates with their coat, check out our variety of color options.


Express yourself

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday where family and friends gather to eat traditional food. When deciding how to dress, consider creating a non-traditional 3D printed accessory. This Spine Necklace by Oscar Aguirre may look like a complex and somewhat aggressive choker from the front, but from the side and back, it offers a 3D view of a 5-vertebrae articulating spine. Printed with high quality white filament, this unique necklace brings excitement and intrigue to the table.


Decorate and entertain

Maybe you are looking forward to football, turkey, naps, and a traditional Thanksgiving day. 3D printing offers an easy and interesting way to decorate your holiday table. Geared pumpkins provide a fun way for kids and adults to pass the time between courses. Use IC3D orange filament for a great finished project. A few simple turkey puzzles are also a nice addition to a traditional holiday table.



Here at IC3D, we only sell filament we extrude ourselves. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can feel free to invent, play, and experiment. Happy Thanksgiving to our 3D printing community!



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