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3D Printing Our Future™

IC3D’s mission is to expand human potential by making manufacturing accessible to all through 3D printing technologies.

IC3D is an on-demand engineering applications workshop converging traditional manufacturing processes with digital 3D printing technologies. IC3D owns the entire process from materials creation, CAD design and custom-built 3D printing equipment to large object 3D printing and low volume production.

Our Team

Michael Cao
Michael CaoChief Extrusion Officer
Kimberly Gibson
Kimberly GibsonChief Mischief Officer
Matt Organiscak
Matt OrganiscakChief Operating Officer
Anthony Amador
Anthony AmadorProject Manager
Gavin Bruce
Gavin BruceOperations Manager
Sean Moran
Sean MoranEngineer
Luke DeBruin
Luke DeBruinProduction Engineer
Rob Gallicchio
Rob GallicchioProduction Associate
Le Cao
Le CaoQuality Manager
Maria Caracciolo
Maria CaraccioloAdministrative Coordinator
Ryan Krammes
Ryan KrammesFulfillment Manager
Kelly Cramer
Kelly CramerFacility & Events Coordinator
Katie Burns
Katie BurnsProduction Technician
LeoDavid Fernandez
LeoDavid FernandezFilament Production Technician
Matt Moore
Matt Moore3D Printer Technician
Bo Hudgins
Nic Roe3D Printer Technician
Jon Shell
Jon ShellHardware Product Manager
Claudio Donndelinger
Claudio DonndelingerContent Manager
MochiCulture Compliance Officer

Our Filament

IC3D is one of the first 3D printer companies to manufacture our own line of 3D printing filament (the “ink”) exclusively for 3D printing. At a time when filament from other industries such as plastic welding was being used, IC3D recognized the need for a new material with properties made especially for 3D printing machines.

With our in-house manufacturing process, combined with our expertise and focus, we can provide the highest quality product at an affordable price.

We currently offer our IC3D 3mm and 1.75mm PETG, PLA, TPU, and ABS filament in several exciting colors! Each order of filament comes wound on a plastic spool. Specially manufactured to our specs, the diameter of the filament has an extremely tight-tolerance <0.5mm. Countless hours of testing have been spent to prove out the quality of this material. These materials are compatible with nearly all 3D printers that can accept 3mm and 1.75mm diameter filament.

Our Manufacturing

In 2016, IC3D launched its 3D printing service bureau and design for additive manufacturing practice. The target of this bureau is two-fold, to apply additive manufacturing or 3D printing to traditional manufacturing and to democratize manufacturing by providing access to best quality small and medium area format printing. IC3D is ushering in the era of Medium Area Additive Manufacturing or MAAM printing. This MAAM format has a build volume up to 1 cubic meter, unlike tiny desktop printers, the IC3D MAAMs can print furniture, large parts and tooling, prosthetics and other human-sized objects.

The MAAM allows for large tools and objects to be printed without sacrificing speed or increasing cost. IC3D has the largest printers in central Ohio and a team of engineering and industrial design talent originating from the automotive sector. IC3D has an absolute commitment to creating applications of 3D printing that converge old line manufacturing with new digital technologies. Specifically in the areas of vacuum forming, stamping, injection molding, casting to make 3D printed tooling, jigs and fixtures and functional parts. 3D printing has been around for well over a decade, yet it has largely been under the purview of university and private R&D. A new generation of machines, computer assisted design software and new materials have ushered AM into the mainstream and IC3D is one of a very few organizations in the nation integrating this technology within the existing manufacturing fabric of America. We have partnered with the Ohio State University, Center for Design Manufacturing Excellence to (CDME) to bring this technology and its applications to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. Our immediate focus is automotive OEMs and suppliers, architecture and civil engineering.

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