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3D Printed Corporate Giveaways

Finding the right corporate gift can be difficult. Spend too little and it gives the impression of a tchotchke item that can be found anywhere. Spend too much and you can overrun your marketing budget quickly. But instead of hitting Amazon with a list and a credit card why not consider a unique 3D printed item that will convey greater perceived value as well as personal attention.

The value of a 3D printed corporate gift is that each one is easily customizable to each client. While you want your brand or logo to appear on the item if possible, you can have their personal or company name printed as well, making it a keepsake as much as a showpiece. Here are some great categories to catch your client’s eye and show your appreciation:

  • Elegant Desk Pieces: A variety of print technologies used alone or in combination can produce a unique desk piece as a corporate gift. To add to a client’s office décor, attractive mini planters, phone stands or asymmetric abstract art pieces are always popular. And small but unique items such as a ship in a mesh bottle, unusual penholders, corporate specific custom chess pieces or any number of other artistic designs make great conversation starters.
  • Whimsical: For the client who enjoys a sense of the whimsical, options such as creatively designed cuff links, tie pins, golf tee holders and fidget pieces will work.
  • Their Logo is Your Service: Every company relies on strong branding to enhance their image. But many companies have only a printed or digitally created logo. Bringing their logo to life in 3D can link their logo to your service and insure your company comes to mind each time they see it.

The key to a great corporate gift is to create something of perceived value that will stand out and keep the clients eyes, and appreciation, coming back to you. With a 3D printed gift you can set yourself and your company apart by giving them a truly one of a kind piece.

IC3D is a one stop service bureau for your 3D printing needs. If you’re looking for custom designs, creative solutions and printing of your corporate giveaway ideas, contact us. Our staff will be happy to help guide you to the solutions you need.

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